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Patents. Recent Orthodontic Appliances design by Dr. Cannon

Cannon Ultra design for Maxillary incisors and all cuspids
Cannon Ultra design for all bicuspids and LA


Orthodontic Appliance Design

The majority of orthodontic appliances in use today are designed with only one archwire slot, a slot designed for movement of the teeth only in an upright position which is slow by its nature and requires somewhat heavy forces. Dr. Cannon’s approach has always been to design and utilize orthodontic brackets with two archwire slots, one for upright movement of the teeth and the other for tipping movement of the teeth.

Tipping of the teeth results in more rapid tooth movement while using lighter forces, and in many cases tipping of the teeth is the type movement needed. Due to the interplay between the different degrees of force needed to move teeth, upright or tipping movement with Dr. Cannon’s appliances, no external appliances such as headgears are ever needed. Also, the employment of two archwires, one in each archwire slot, can accomplish two procedures at once, therefore reducing treatment time. Because of its ability to tip teeth Dr. Cannon’s appliance is far superior to other appliances when treating cases with a mismatched jaw relationship (dental compensation).